The Story of the S.S Central America and the Gold Rush

Pictured above is a pinch of gold (1.5 grams) from the S.S Central America. This gold is from 1857. The S.S Central America was a 280 ft.side wheel steamer. It operated Central America as well as the Eastern United States. The ship was sailed by Captain Herdon. On September 12, 1857 there was a hurricane that sank the S.S Central America. The sails were shredded, the ship was taking on water, the water made it impossible for the boiler to maintain heat. On board there were a total of 420 passengers as well as 30,000 pounds of gold. Hence the nickname, "Ship of Gold". The ship lay undisturbed until its discovery in 1988. It was discovered at over 8,000 feet and was nearly perfectly preserved. This was due to the depth, coldness, and pressure. This particular "pinch" has been certified by Collectors Universe as genuine gold from the greatest American treasure ship of all time-the SS Central America.

The owner, Joel Rettew previously owned this piece but has since given it to his girlfriend so she too can own a piece of history. 

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