Sell your proof sets 1968 to 2006

My recommendation is to sell all your proof sets 1968 to 2006.

Sell them now, in two months they will be a lot cheaper than they are now.

In 2007 the mint is coming out with about 900,000,000 dollars worth of new coins for the collector.

Most collectors will want the new coins and will sell off the coins that they have the most of PROOF SETS 1968 to 2006.

I like the proof sets from 1950 to 1964 a lot and I think that they are under priced.

The most under priced set of the lot is the 1964 proof set.

Let look at the 1964 proof.

1964 Proof Set is 90% silver in the Dime, Quarter, and the Half-Dollar.

1964 Proof Set has a one year type coin the Half-Dollar.

This is the only 1964 Proof Half with 90% silver.

The 1964 Silver Proof set only sells for a little over SILVER.

With silver at 13.00 an oz., is worth about 9.00 in SILVER.

Buy all the 1964 Proof sets you can find.

You will be GLAD you did.

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