Rettew Family Numismatic History

On Sunday, July 12, 1953 a light rain was falling in Pennsylvania. It was my 15th birthday and my Aunt Elaine had just given me Five Civil War Tokens. These historical coins were the beginning of my numismatic career. I was a Boy Scout and continued to collect more Civil War Tokens which I purchased for a $1.00 per coin. The Rettew family was active in the Civil War as Elijah B Rettew enlisted in the 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry (Militia) on July 12th 1861. I am a member of the Civil War Token Society founded in 1967.

April 26, 1765 The Pennsylvania Gazette
WAS stolen last Night, out of the Stable of the Subscriber, living in Aston Township, Chester County, a likely bay Horse, 7 or 8 Years old, has neither Brand nor Ear mark, 14 Hands and a Half high, lately shod all round, trots and paces, both middling hard, but mostly trots when drove out of Hand; has a Half Star and a Half Snip under the off Nostril, several Saddle Spots, with several other little white Spots on him, one of which, on his off Buttock, very remarkable, occasioned by the bite of another Horse; when stolen, his Tail middling long, but it may be bobsince; his Mane not trimmed only for the Bridle; he was in good flesh, and carries a good Coat. Whoever takes up and secures the said Horse, and Thief, so that he may be brought to Justice, and the Horse had again, shall have THREE POUNDS Reward, and all reasonable Charges, or THIRTY SHILLINGS for the Horse, only, paid by JOHN << RETTEW>> .

November 29, 1794 The Pennsylvania Gazette:
A PLANTATION in East-Whiteland township, Chester county, half a mile south of the White Horse tavern, on the Lancaster road, containing 96 acres; thereon are, a two story log house and stables, a spring of good water near the door, one half woodland, well timbered, the remainder good plow-land; the turnpike road is within a few perches of the house; both places are well situated for any kind of public business. For further particulars apply to the subscriber, living on the first mentioned plantation. JOHN RETTEW.

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