Playing a Guessing Game with Rare Issues – 1989

Guess the winners. It’s a game that’s been played for years by sportswriters and sports fans. By stockbrokers and investors. Professional numismatists and collectors also play the game.

One of the serious players is Joel D. Rettew of Rare Coin Investments. Rettew is not only willing to make his picks; he goes public with them.

“Last year,” Rettew said, “my recommendations produced an annualized return of 37%.”

Here are Rettew’s selections for 1989: If you have $1,500 to invest, he suggests purchasing one 1919-S Mint State-65 cent for $275; 15 1931-P MS-65 cents at $55 each, and one 1939-S MS-65 half dollar for $375. For $5,000, Rettew recommends a 1910-S MS-65 $20 gold piece for $4,000 and a 1927-D MS-64 $1 for $1,075. For $25,000, two 1884-S MS-63 $1 at $6,750 each; 10 1927-D MS-63 $1 at $1,075 each, and a 1937-D MS-65 half dollar for $775.

“I think the future of rare-coin dealers,” Rettew said, “is going to be based on their ability to pick undervalued issues. The direction I see the industry going is where the major dealers are managers for rare-coins funds.”

Anyone can play the pick-’em game. Now, coincidentally, comes a most valuable tool, “The Coin Dealer Newsletter”

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