Coins that will go up in VALUE

I have been buying coins for 54 years. I started in 1953 when I was 15 years old and in boy scouts.

My first coin that I bought was a 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent for $5.00. Who would not like to have a few at that price today.

I learned very early to buy the coins that everyone wants.

GET a few books and read them. ONE of the best books is the RED BOOK.

LOT of information in the RED BOOK that most people MISS.

In looking for the coins that will go up in value, look for the coins with the lowest Mintage.

I have all of the red books, and I look at them all the time.

IT is fun to find coins that are under Priced, and are set to go up in VALUE.

I see them every day when I look in the red book at the mintages.

READ, LEARN, HAVE FUN, and Find those Under VALUE Coins.

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