Coin that is sure to go up in Value

NOW who would not like to know that.

I know of one coin you should buy now.

It is a coin that I missed, I know about it, I talked about it. But I missed it.

The mint was selling 2006-W UNC Silver Eagle for $19.95.

I watched this coin for 3 weeks, and said I need to buy some of these.

Last week I check out the mint’s site and they were SOLD OUT.

This the mint will make about 4 to 5 million 2006 Silver Eagles without the W mint mark.

I think that the mintage on the very scarce 2006 W Silver Eagle will be less than one million.

Now I want you to take a look at your red book and please check the mintage of the 1996 Silver Eagle.

I think you are with me now.

GO out and see what you can buy 2006-W Silver Eagles FOR.

8 days ago the mint had them for $19.95, see what they are now.

BUY THEM, they will never be CHEAPER than they are NOW.

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